Terms and Conditions

1. This Contract is between The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn ("the Inn") and the Hirer specified overleaf.

2. The persons signing the Contract for and on behalf of the Hirer warrants to the Inn that he or she has the authority so to do, failing this he or she will be personally liable under the Contract.

3. This Contract is not effective until it has been signed and dated on behalf of both parties and returned to the Inn together with the deposit stated overleaf. Should this Contract not be received by the Inn, duly signed for and on behalf of the Hirer together with the deposit, before the expiry of twenty one days from the date that the Contract was submitted to the Hirer the offer constituted by the issue of the Contract may be treated as withdrawn and the Inn reserves the right to make other use of the facilities and rooms on the date of the function stated overleaf.

4. An initial deposit of 10% of the provisional function value will be paid to the Inn at the time of the return to the Inn of this Contract duly signed by or on behalf of the Hirer.

5 The Inn reserves the right to demand a further deposit representing 40% of the Provisional Function Value payable not less than twenty eight days prior to the date of the Function.

6. The balance of the account for the Function shall be paid within seven days of the submission by the Inn of its invoice.

7. If any sum due to the Inn remains outstanding for seven days or more after the date of the invoice, then there shall be due from the Hirer interest on the sum due at a rate of 3% per year above the base lending rate of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. This interest is to be calculated on a daily rate running from the date of the invoice and accruing on the sum which is outstanding.

8. If the Hirer shall seek to cancel the Contract prior to the Function and if the Inn fails to substitute an alternative Function at an equivalent level of business on the date of the Function stated the Hirer shall pay to the Inn a cancellation fee according to the following scale:

More than 12 weeks before the Function Nil
Between 8 and 12 weeks before the Function Loss of Initial Deposit
10% of Provisional Function Value (in total)
Between 4 and 8 weeks before the Function 30% of Provisional Function Value (in total)
Less than 4 weeks before the Function 50% of Provisional Function Value (in total)

The Inn reserves the right to offset deposits against any outstanding sums due to the Inn including where applicable invoices detailing cancellation fees and other costs incurred by the Inn as a result of special requirements requested by the Hirer.

9. The Inn will in due course forward to the Hirer a detailed Banqueting Confirmation Form which must be completed and returned to the Inn at least seven days before the Date of the Function.

10. The Hirer shall provide the Inn with details of the guaranteed minimum number expected to attend the Function. In the event of the number of persons attending the Function falling short of the guaranteed minimum number the Inn reserves the right to charge the Hirer in respect of the guaranteed minimum number of guests. If the number of persons actually attending the Function exceed the guaranteed minimum number the Inn will make every effort to provide the necessary service and facilities for such increased numbers and will be entitled to increase its charges accordingly but correspondingly cannot accept liability for any failure to provide such further catering facilities.

11. The Inn reserves the right to increase the Provisional Function Value at any time before rendering the final invoice in the event of any increase in the cost to the Inn of performing its obligations under the Contract (the Inn using its best endeavours to mitigate any such increase) and any such increase shall be notified in writing to the Hirer who shall be bound to pay the increased price.

12. The Hirer agrees to pay the Inn the charges incurred by the Hirer and or guests for any food, beverage or any other service not provided for in this Contract UNLESS prior to the Function the Inn has been instructed in writing by the Hirer to obtain cash settlement for such charges direct from the persons concerned.

13. If the Function (including the time the Hirer or its employees, servants or agents spend in dismantling, clearing up and vacating the premises) continues beyond the finish time then the Inn may charge the Hirer a further fee in respect of the overrun, at a rate of £1000 for each hour or part of an hour by which the Function continued beyond the finish time.

14. The Hirer will indemnify the Inn:
a) for any damage to the property of the Inn or the property of others which is within the curtilage of the Inn and
b) for any injuries suffered by any person wherever located
howsoever such damage or injury may have been caused provided such damage or injury was caused by the acts or omissions of the Hirer its servants or agents or any person attending the Function.

15. The Inn accepts no liability for loss of or damage to property owned by or in the custody of the Hirer its servants or agents or any person attending the Function howsoever such loss or damage may have been caused, while such property is within the curtilage of the Inn.

16. The Inn will not be liable for failure to comply with any terms or conditions of this agreement to the extent such compliance is prevented, hindered or delayed by any cause beyond its control including but not limited to fire, storm, flood, explosion, Act of God, action of any Government or Government Agency, shortage of materials, or goods, strike or lock-out.

17. The benefit of this agreement is personal to the Hirer and may not be assigned.

18. This agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

19. If at any time before the date of the Function the Inn has reason to believe that circumstances stated by the Hirer before the contract was made are inaccurate or misleading or that details of the Function or of the Hirer which were omitted from that information or were misleading in it are such that the nature of the Function or of the Hirer is such as to bring the Inn potentially into disrepute, or to be unsuitable for the Premises then the Inn may cancel this contract without incurring any liability to the Hirer in respect of that cancellation.

Any waiver by the Inn of any term or condition of this contract shall not constitute a waiver of any other term or condition which shall remain in full force and effect.

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn

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